Dan Connolly Photography

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For me, photography is an exploration of memory, truth, and beauty. Tip O'Neill once said that "all politics is local." I believe that "all photography is local." We are bombarded with images in our lives; not many get through the filters to make an impact on us. However, some photogaphy can transcend the confines of the particular and apply to the universal human condition. That's the local connection - a trigger in the work that makes it accessible to more than just the subject and creator. I hope to be able to make some of those images.

If you would like to collaborate in making meaningful and honest images, I would like to hear from you. I am available for personal, commercial, editorial and artistic commissions. Please contact me to discuss your project. I'm interested in presenting honest and respectful visions of people. You'll see that in my portrait work, as well as in the other projects in my portfolio.

If I have contacted you or given you my card to contact me, then I am looking to capture your particular look for my portfolio. There will be no fee involved and I will be happy to provide a CD of images to you in return for your time.

Thank you for taking the time to look.